Upload assets

The first step in digital asset management is to add assets to Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM). After you upload assets, you can submit them for approval or directly publish them if you have the required permissions. You can also upload a new version of an asset as well as compare versions.


While assets are uploading, do not close the Create page or the upload will stop. You can also pause and resume an upload operation.


The upload size limit is 50 GB per file.

To upload assets:

  1. On the menu bar, click Create.

  2. On the Create page, in the top-right corner of the application window, click upload icon Upload files.

  3. In the dialog, do one of the following:

    • Click My device, select the files you want to upload, and then click Open.

    • Click From link, paste links to the files you want to upload, and then click Import.

    • Drag the files you want to upload into the dialog.

  4. Optionally, click +Add more to upload additional files.

  5. Click Upload. The upload dialog displays the progress of the upload, including the number of uploaded files compared to the total, the uploaded MB versus the total MB, and the estimated time remaining until the upload completes.


Uploading a file using the From link method creates an upload job. You can follow the progress of the job in your Background processes page. To upload larger files (1GB and above), we recommend that you use the From link function and upload using blob URLs or SAS links, so that your connection does not affect the upload job.

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