Dedicated Support login

Sitecore Content Hub uses a dedicated Support login portal so that the Support team does not need to use the administrator or superuser credentials to log in.

This means that the Support staff can use their own credentials when accessing a customer's Content Hub solution. This dedicated login portal uses SSO authentication and is available 24/7.

The dedicated support login is only allowed when the user already exists and is part of the standard M.Sitecore.Support system-owned user group. Only an administrator or members of the Infrastructure Support Services team can add users to the M.Sitecore.Support user group. Regular users and superusers cannot see or interact with this user group.


Users assigned to the M.Sitecore.Support user group are not included in the number of license seats used by the customer. Scripting does not impact users who use this Support login. However, audit logs are not hidden from the client.

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