Download a publication

From the publication editor page, you can download one or more publications in a format of your choice.


To download several publications at the same time, you need the Order permission for the M.Chili.Publication definition, the DownloadPreview permission to download PDF renditions, and the DownloadOriginal permission to download high-resolution PDFs, PNG, JPG, and IDML renditions.

To download a publication:

  1. On the menu bar, click Publisher > Publications.

  2. On the Publications page, select the publications you want to download and then click Download download icon.

  3. On the Download options page, enter a custom download name if needed, and then select one of the following renditions:




    Low-resolution PDF.

    High-resolution PDF

    High-resolution PDF.


    High-resolution image.


    Low-resolution image.


    High-resolution InDesign Markup file.

  4. Click Submit. This generates a download order that you can download immediately or share via email.


If the mass download is only partially successful, the download order ZIP file contains a text document listing which publications and formats failed to download.

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