Preview video assets

In Sitecore Content Hub, the video preview lets you visualize your video assets without downloading them.

To preview a video asset:

  1. On the menu bar, click Assets.

  2. On the Assets page, select the video asset you want to preview.

  3. To open the video preview, on the top-left of the asset details page, click the media viewer.

The following table describes the video preview commands.




Click play or anywhere on the image to start the video. Click anywhere on the image to stop the video.


Click to close the video preview.


Click to start the video.


Click to pause the video.

Progression bar video preview progression bar

Indicates the time progression of the video. You can drag the cursor to move the video to the frame you want.

Progression time video preview progression time

Indicates the time progression of the video.


Click to mute or unmute the video.

Volume cursor video preview volume cursor

Drag the cursor to set the volume you want.

Enable/Disable caption

Click to show or hide available subtitles.


Click to localize or disable the video captions and set the viewing speed.

Enter/Exit full screen

Click to enter or exit full-screen mode.

Set current frame as thumbnail

Sets the displayed frame as the asset thumbnail on its detail page.

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