View the asset details page

In Sitecore Content Hub, each asset has a details page from which you can:

  • View/edit general asset properties.

  • View the asset file history.

  • Perform operations on the asset (downloading files, creating public links, or deleting the asset).

To view an asset details page, on the menu bar, click Assets and then click the asset you want.


Because components, properties, relations, and definitions shown on details pages are implementation-specific and configurable in your solution, this document does not describe how to edit each asset property but gives an overview of the elements you can edit on an asset details page.

The default asset details pages generally contain the following sections:



Media viewer

Shows a rendition of the asset. If no preview is available, the media viewer displays a generic asset type icon.


Sub-files viewer for composite assets that displays the content of compressed folders.

All files

History pane that displays all file versions. The master version is the version currently in use.


List of available renditions for the asset.


Quick overview of the asset and the asset metadata.

Video subtitles

Contains the available subtitles files for video assets.

Image and video analysis

Visual information on image and video assets.

Product details

Marketing information about the asset, such as the brand.


Detailed properties about the asset.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) information of the asset.


Lets you add comments about the asset.


When you save changes, the system performs data validation on the edited metadata and properties. If a metadata property is supported in multiple languages, you need to select the culture before defining the property value.

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