Spreadsheet operations

Mass edit tables support the following standard spreadsheet operations.





Select one or multiple cells.

To select a cell, click it.To select multiple adjacent cells, click and hold a cell, and move the cursor over the desired cells.To select multiple non-adjacent cells, hold Ctrl and click the desired cells.

Edit cell

Edit a single cell. You can modify the fields with different methods, depending on their input type.

Double-click a cell, or select a cell and press Enter.


Copy the value of a cell into one or multiple cells.

Select a cell, press Ctrl+C, select one or multiple other cells, and press Ctrl+V.

Drag and drop

Copy the value of a cell to adjacent cells in the same row or column.

Select a cell, then click and drag the small square in the bottom-right corner of that cell, either horizontally or vertically. This draws a rectangle over adjacent cells, and when you release the mouse button the selected value is copied into all cells inside that rectangle.

Freeze pane

Freeze a part of the table in place.

Freeze part of the table in place, so it remains on-screen as you scroll through the rest of the table. Frozen rows and columns must be adjacent, and only one area can be frozen at a time. To freeze part of the table, select one of the following and then click Freeze panes: To freeze everything above a specific row, select that row.To freeze everything to the left of a specific column, select that column.To freeze all rows above a specific cell, and all columns to the left of it, select that cell.


You can’t use the Copy/paste operation with dateTimeOffset or relations fields.


An error occurs if you try to scroll through frozen cells. This is a known issue, and it will be fixed in a later release.

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