Create a draft asset

The draft feature of Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM) lets you work on a duplicate asset without affecting the original.

A draft entity is a copy of the original asset with the same file reference, relations, and metadata configuration. You can update metadata, upload a new file, or alter relations. When approved, the draft replaces the original entity.


When you create a draft, the original asset is locked for editing until a reviewer approves or rejects the draft.

To create a draft asset:

  1. On the menu bar, click Assets.

  2. On the Assets page, click the asset from which you want to create a draft.

  3. In the top-right corner of the asset details page, click More actions more action icon > Create draft draft icon.

The draft is available on the Create page. In the top-left corner of the asset details page, you can see a note and a link redirecting you to the original asset.


An asset created using the draft feature follows the same creation flow as uploaded assets.

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