Add products to a product family

The Products tab lets you add products to a product family. If you have one or more products selected on the Products tab, you can use available operations to interact with them.

To add products to a product family:

  1. On the menu bar, click Products > Product families.

  2. On the Product families page, click a product family to open its details page.

  3. On the Products tab, click + Add and select of of the following options:

    • Product - to create a new product.

    • Add existing items - to add existing products to the product family.

    • Paste from clipboard - to paste any products that are currently copied to the clipboard into the product family.


      The Paste from clipboard operation verifies for duplication and retains only the original product link.

  4. If you selected Product, in the Product dialog, fill in the following fields and click Save:

    • Name - name of the product.

    • Label - label of the product to be displayed in the UI.

    • Number - alphanumeric value such as a SKU number.

    • Product family - click Add add icon to select product families to which this product belongs.

    • Short description - a brief description of the new product.

    • Commerce catalog - click Add add icon to select the commerce catalogs to which this product belongs.

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