Create a variant

You can create a variant content item (duplicate of the original item), which must be approved before use, or rejected. The VARIANT and ORIGINAL indicators appear on the variant item details page and on the original item details page, respectively.


To configure the variant feature and relevant operations, you must have the necessary permissions.

To create a variant:

  1. On the menu bar, click Content and select Search.

  2. On the Search page, search for the desired content item and click it.

  3. On the content item details page, click More actions more actions icon > Create variant.

  4. Make any required changes.

  5. Click Submit submit icon.


When creating a variant, at least one field value must differ from the field values of the original content item. However, after the variant is created, you can edit the values to match the variant to the original content item. You cannot set a variant field that does not exist in the original content item.

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