Using the drafts feature, you can edit items without directly applying changes to the original item version. You can also save a modified item as a standalone item. Drafts let you adapt and reuse items while maintaining the intent, style, tone, and context of the original item.

To use this feature, you must enable drafts and set up user permissions.

Standard drafts

Sitecore Content Hub offers a standard draft feature in Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP), for content in the Final life cycle status.

With the standard draft functionality enabled, the following features are available:

  • The Draft state flow.

  • The Save as new, Create draft, View original, and View draft operations.

  • The DRAFT and ORIGINAL indicators.

  • The Create a draft, Merge a draft, and Save as a new entity copy profiles.


The frequently asked questions topic explains the difference between versions, drafts, and variants.

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