Page components

A page in Sitecore Content Hub contains zones and each zone contains page components. It is the page components that contain the actual data and determine how content is displayed.

There are three categories of page components:




These components are created by superusers or through the Content Hub interface.


Only administrators can create this type of page component; superusers, however, can configure them. These page components cannot be deleted.


Only administrators can configure this type of page component, which contains the default component settings. These components do not have the option to switch from system settings to custom settings and are marked with the padlock icon Lock icon.

In the following example:

  1. The component called Operations uses custom settings and can be configured by a superuser.

  2. The component called DerivativeIndicators uses system settings but can be configured by a superuser.

  3. The component called Content warning is system owned and locked.

Page zones

Available page components

You create and configure page components to fulfill your requirements. Page components behave differently depending on the category of the component and the page type. The following page components are available in Content Hub.




Use the Back component to create a back button to allow users to navigate to the previously visited page or to the parent page.


Use the Chart component to visualize event data in a number, pie, or donut chart.

Chart filter

Use the Chart filter component to add a time dimension to a chart. By default, charts are displayed on the page show the available data for the last 30 days.


Use the Container component to add rows and components. By default, components are nested.


Use the Creation component to create entities.

Disable deep zoom

Use the Disable deep zoom component to let users zoom in on an inline preview. You can disable the deep zoom for a Search component and in the Entity image viewer.


Use the Divider component to create a visual separation between components on a page.

Download order

Use the Download order page component to show the last download orders made by the user.

Entity comments

Use the Entity comments component to add a discussion panel to a page for users' comments.

Entity content

Use the Entity content component to include related content in a page.

Entity details

Use the Entity details component to customize the display of entity details. You can modify the list of properties and relations displayed.

Entity history

Use the Entity history component to display the file history of an asset.

Entity image

Use the Entity image component to display an image rendition on an entity.

Entity indicators

The Entity indicators component highlights essential data on the entity page. Users can configure an indicator on any string, integer or boolean data types. When the condition is met, the indicator is visible on the entity page.

Entity list

Use the Entity list component to display a collection of entities matching specific criteria.

Entity operations

Use the Entity operations component to define which operations are available on an entity detail page.

Entity rating

Use the Entity rating component to rate individual content. The average rating is calculated from all user votes. Additionally, you can display the number of votes per score.

Entity renditions

Use the Entity renditions component to provide the list of all available renditions of an entity (original, medium, thumbnail, and so on) along with a quick download option for each of them.


Use external page components to integrate external libraries within Sitecore Content Hub portal pages. This provides a lot of flexibility and allows advanced customization.


Use the HTML component to insert HTML code into a page. You can customize your input through the app interface or though a source code editor.

Mass edit table

Use the Mass edit table component to add a mass table option to a page.


Use the Modal component to link to other pages containing information on the current entity.


Use the Navigation component to insert a button that contains redirection links to any portal page within Sitecore Content Hub.

Saved Search Grid

Use the Saved search grid component to display the result of a saved search on the page.


Use the Search component to customize search results, such as specifying which fields are displayed, and to change the look and feel of search results.

Search box

Use the Search box component to create a search tile that lets you perform a search on the page.


Use the Selection component to create selections and perform custom actions on them.

StateMachine Viewer

Use the StateMachine viewer component to provide details on the entity status in the associated state flow.


Use the Tabs component to create tabs within pages. Each tab behaves in a similar fashion to a page.


Use the Title component to set the page title or entity header.

What's New

Use the What's new component to add a What’s new overview to pages.

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