Task types

You can see all the tasks in a project on the Tasks tab where you can use search and filter capabilities to, for example, filter on task type. You can also change the layout of tasks and access standard operations.

When managing a project, you can create various types of task.

Task type



Lets collaborators annotate annotate icon assets or fragments. With this task type, you attach assets or fragments to the task. If a user cannot select text while annotating a document, the intended text may have been converted to curves, which can happen with PDF files provided for print.

Create content

Lets contributors add CMP content. This task type is only available if you enable the projects functionality for content.


Lets assigned users download download icon assets.

DRM request

Lets assigned users request permission to download assets under Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Edit content

Lets contributors request an edit on assets, fragments, and CMP content or their associated properties.

Global review

Lets project managers initiate a review of content with a lifecycle status of global. When one of the assigned reviewers completes a global review task, it is closed.


Lets assigned users change the localization-specific information for a selection of assets or content items.

Local review

Lets contributors initiate a review of content with a status of project-specific or job-specific. When an assigned reviewer completes this task, it is closed.

Parallel review

Lets contributors initiate a review of content while other reviewers perform a similar task on the same content in parallel. When all assigned reviewers finish their respective tasks, the review is closed. A parallel task does not impact the content lifecycle.

To do

Lets program managers ask users to do things that do not have a specific task type.

Upload version

Lets creators upload upload icon an updated version of existing assets.

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