Import assets with Excel

You can use the import using Excel feature when migrating, creating, or updating a lot of assets at the same time. For a successful asset import, you first need to prepare the Excel worksheet with the data you want to import, then upload it using the Import Excel operation.


The Import Excel operation is not visible by default. If you need it, ask your superuser to enable it for your solution.

Prepare the Excel worksheet

The Excel file you use for import must have a specific structure or the upload might cause an error.

Use the following rules when creating your Excel file:

  • Include a worksheet named M.Asset, containing data that defines the assets to import.

  • The first row defines the asset properties – with one property per column – and each subsequent row represents an asset to create or modify.

  • The property names must be the unique identifiers of the asset entity properties and relations in Sitecore Content Hub.

  • All mandatory properties, as defined in your asset entity schema, must be included in the worksheet and given values.

  • To identify the file used for an asset, enter the URL in the corresponding cell in the File column.

  • To update an existing asset, include the corresponding Identifier value.

The following Excel file is a valid example for importing: import-sheet.xlsx


Asset creation fails for any rows that contain missing or invalid data, including broken file URLs, or URLs that require authentication. This does not affect the creation of assets based on rows with valid data.

Upload assets using the Import Excel operation

To upload assets using the Import Excel operation:

  1. On the menu bar, click Create.

  2. On the Create page, in the top-right corner, click Add and then select Import Excel .

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Drag the Excel file you want to upload into the dialog.

    • Click browse, then pick the Excel file you want to upload.

  4. Optionally, click Add more to add more files if needed.

  5. Click Upload files.


The data migration best practices topic includes additional guidance on this feature.

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