Manually mass edit assets

You can update the fields in multiple assets using the manual mass edit feature. This lets you edit specific asset fields and apply the same values to those fields across all selected assets. You can also mass edit assets based on an existing asset or template.

Before you begin
  • Make sure the metadata fields in the source match those in the selected assets.


If the mass edit source contains a one-to-one relation, the mass edit job will fail for all the assets except the first one in the list, because a one-to-one relation cannot apply to more than one asset.

To manually mass edit assets:


Which actions are available depends on:

  • Configured member types (property, relation, or taxonomy) and whether they're mandatory or multi-value.

  • Mass edit settings.

  1. On the menu bar, click Assets.

  2. On the Assets page, select the assets you want to edit.

  3. Click Actions more actions icon > edit icon Edit .

  4. On the Manual tab, enter new values in all the fields you want to update for selected assets.

  5. For each field, from the list next to it, select one of the following actions:




    Does not modify the value or change the property of the field.


    Overwrites the current value of the field.


    Adds information to a field, or adds taxonomy items to a list of related items.


    Removes all items from a relation or removes the current value of a field.


    Removes items from a relation.

  6. Click Apply.


Applying a mass edit creates a mass edit job. You can follow the progress of the job on your Background processes page.

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