Request download of restricted assets

When an asset is restricted, you must request permission to download it and specify its intended use. To make it easier to find a restricted or unrestricted asset, you can use the USAGE RIGHTS filter on the Assets page, which is available when your Sitecore Content Hub solution includes digital rights management (DRM). By specifying what you intend to do with an asset, you can filter out any assets that are not authorized to be used in that way.

If you select both restricted and unrestricted assets for download, you can directly download the unrestricted assets, but you must provide the intended use for the restricted assets.


By default, the DRM feature is configured to work with Sitecore Marketing Resource Management (MRM). To use the DRM email approval flow, you must configure DRM for email.


If a user requests to download an asset for a purpose not included in that asset’s usage rights, and their request is approved, the user can download only the original rendition of the asset.

To request download of restricted assets:

  1. On the menu bar, click Assets.

  2. On the Assets page, click the asset you want to download.

  3. On the asset details page, click Download and then click Request download download icon.

  4. In the Request download dialog, complete the following fields.




    Start date from which you will use the asset.


    End date when you will stop using the asset.


    Geographical locations where you will use the asset.


    Media type of the asset you want to download.

  5. In the Additional information section, in the Reason field, enter the reason for the download request.

  6. Click Check usage rights.

  7. In the dialog box, if the intended use does not comply with the asset restrictions, or if explicit approval is required, click Send request; otherwise download the asset.

An email message notifies you when your request is approved. You can then download the asset from Content Hub or use the link provided in the notification email.


You can track the download request on the DRM Requests page or the Tasks page.

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