Saved search and saved selection

Saved searches and saved selections are only available for assets, and while a saved search and a saved selection might seem similar, they actually serve different purposes, as explained in the following table.



Use when...

Saved search

A saved search is dynamic. When you select it, Content Hub regenerates search results based on the criteria you defined. This can be a filter criteria you defined in an advanced search or a filtered search.

  • You want to save specific search options, filters, or facets in the search criteria.

  • You want to display a saved search grid on a specific page.

  • You want to personalize the user experience using a saved search.

  • You want other users to have the ability to receive notifications about changes to a saved search.

  • You want to share search results.

Saved selection

A saved selection is a static collection of entities returned using the criteria you defined.

  • You want to create, organize, and share a selection of assets with other Content Hub users.

  • You want to grant read or edit permission for a specific selection of assets.


When you share a saved selection with other users, security policies and permissions apply to the assets in the saved selection.



Required permissions

  • Update saved search

  • Update permission on M.SavedSearch entities


  • You either created the saved search or are a contributor.

  • Turn on notifications

  • Edit

  • Make it public

  • Set is as default

You created the saved search.

  • Delete

  • Delete permissions on M.SavedSearch entities


  • You created the saved search.

  • See

The saved search is enabled and one of the following:

  • Created by you

  • Marked as Public

  • Shared with you (or one of your user groups) as a reader or contributor.


To see a saved search in your list, you need to enable it even if it's public.

  • Share

Always allowed.

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