Make a collection public

You can make collections public as external download pages and share their non-restricted assets with external users.


To use this feature, you must have the PublishCollection privilege.

To make a collection public:

  1. On the menu bar, click Collections.

  2. On the Collections page, click the collection you want to make public.

  3. On the collection details page, click Share link share icon.

  4. To make the collection public, in the Share link dialog, turn on the Create external link switch.

  5. To modify the link parameters, click Link settings.

  6. In the Link settings dialog, edit the parameters you want:




    URL path

    An automatically generated URL for the shared link. You can change it by clicking Auto-generate auto-generate icon. If you change the URL path, any previously shared links with a different path become invalid.


    Download renditions

    A list of renditions available when downloading individual assets. Click Add add icon to pick the renditions you want.


    Link expiration

    A date after which the shared link expires. Click the date picker date picker icon or enter a date.


  7. Click Save.

  8. To share the collection with external users, in the Share link dialog, do either of the following:

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