Update URL mapping configuration file

The Azure URL mapping function uses a configuration file called url-mapping-config.json that is stored inside a Mappings container in the storage account that is created within Azure.

To update the URL mapping configuration file:

  1. Log into your Microsoft Azure portal page.

  2. Open the storage account created above for the URL mapping (that is stimageproxydev001).

  3. In the left pane, click the Storage browser (preview).

  4. Click Blob containers.

  5. Click mappings in the right pane containers.

  6. Next to the url-mapping-config.json file. click ... to view and edit the file. The JSON file contains the following settings.

     "ProductUrl": "/Products/{ProductNumber}_000_{SequenceNumber}.png",
     "ProductVariantUrl": "/Products/{ProductNumber} ^ {Style} ^ {Size} ^ {Color} ^_000_{SequenceNumber}.png",
     "ProductVariantWithConfigurationUrl": "/Products/{ProductNumber} ^ {Configuration}_000_{SequenceNumber}.png",
     "ContentHubGraphQLProductFieldToQuery": "ProductNumber"
  7. As required, update the Product URLs regular expressions or change the target field to query for a Product in Sitecore Content Hub.

  8. Click Save and then click X to close the file.


The ContentHubGraphQLProductFieldToQuery field value must match the exact M.PCM.Product field name, must be a string field type, and must have the Include in content switch set to active (On) in Content Hub. The only exception is when you want to use an Identifier field.

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