Add a content type

Sitecore Content Hub offers predefined content types, plus the option to create new content types to fulfill your requirements. You can, for example, copy an existing content type and modify it to create a new one. For each content type, you can perform various actions.


To avoid schema inconsistencies, always use the Content types page instead of the Schema page to create custom content types or extend member groups.


To configure content types, you must either be a superuser or have the necessary permissions granted to you through user group policies.

To add a content type:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage cog icon.

  2. On the Manage page, click Content types.

  3. On the Types tab, click Add type.

  4. In the New M.ContentType dialog box, on the Details tab, fill out the following fields:




    Name of the content type.


    Unique identifier for the content type. Defined automatically based on the label but can be manually set. After the identifier is set, it can no longer be updated.


    Prefix defining the content type. Defined automatically based on the label, but can be manually set. It cannot exceed 18 characters. After the prefix is set, it can no longer be updated.


    Represents the content type. The icon is also used when no content thumbnail is available.


    Color used to identify the content type.

  5. On the Validation conditions tab, click plus sign Condition and fill out the following fields:



    Select the desired content type property

    Content type property.

    Select condition

    Condition regarding the properties allowed in the member field.

    Life cycle status

    The life cycle stage when validation must occur (default value is Final).

  6. Click Save.


We recommend that you leave the default validation condition as Final. Changing the default condition might have unwanted side effects, blocking certain items from moving forward in the flow.

After creating your desired content type, you can:


To re-order the members, click drag icon and drag the member to the desired location.

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