Check out assets

When your Sitecore Content Hub profile and your Microsoft OneDrive account are connected, you can check out assets to OneDrive.

Checking out assets from Content Hub creates a check-out job in the background. When the check-out job finishes, the assets synchronize to your Microsoft OneDrive folder. While processing check-out jobs, the assets are locked for editing.

You can view and manage your checked-out assets on the Checkouts page and access them from your Microsoft OneDrive folder from any application linked to it. For example, if you use your OneDrive folder in Adobe Bridge, you can access and edit your checked-out assets from this external application.

To check out assets:

  1. On the menu bar, click Assets.

  2. On the Assets search page, select the assets you want to checkout.

  3. Click More actions more actions icon > Checkout checkout icon.

  4. In the Check out dialog, click OK.

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