Complete a task

The general task workflow is basically the same for all task types and only differs slightly depending on whether the task was assigned to you directly or assigned to a user group that you are a member of.

To complete a task:

  1. On the menu bar, click Project > Tasks.

  2. On Tasks page, click the task you want to work on.

  3. If you agree to work on the task and have not already accepted or assigned it, do one of the following:

    • For a task assigned to you, click Accept.

    • For a task assigned to a user group of which you are a member, click Assign to me. When you assign a task to yourself, the task is removed from the task list of other users in the group.

  4. If the task is unclear or you do not want to accept it, click Decline. This returns the task to the originator and changes the task status to Declined.

  5. If you accepted or assigned the task to yourself, when you complete the task, click Done.

  6. If prompted to provide feedback on the completed task, enter your comments in the Provide feedback dialog and click Save.

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