Enable M.Rendition.Transformation


The Delivery platform page is only available if publishing is enabled in the settings.

To enable M.Rendition.Transformation:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage cog icon.

  2. On the Manage page, click Delivery platform.

  3. In the left pane, in the search box, type M.Rendition.Transformation and press Enter.

  4. Next to Transformation, click the Cloud icon Cloud icon off next to it.

  5. In the Delivery platform settings dialog box, click the Enable in delivery platform switch to make it active (On).

  6. In the Publishing Conditions section, click + Condition.

  7. From the list, select Height (px) (Transformation.Height) and, from the corresponding list, select is not empty.

  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to add a condition for Width (px) (Transformation.Width).

  9. From the operator list, select and and click Done.

  10. Click Save & Publish.

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