Manage projects and jobs

Using Sitecore Marketing Resource Management in Sitecore Content Hub, you manage and centralize marketing projects to better plan, schedule, and budget marketing resources and activities. Content Hub supports two project types: basic and multi-stage. It also lets users create jobs for processes defined in a state flow.


To better understand when to use a project and when to use a job, see Comparing projects and jobs. To make project creation easier, you can use a project template for multiple similar projects.

Basic projects

A basic project is a coordinated set of tasks that follow a simple workflow (for example, a product launch consisting of four tasks).

Basic project workflow example.

Multi-stage projects

A multi-stage project is a coordinated set of interconnected stages that are organized in a hierarchy so that users can achieve specific marketing objectives (for example, a VIP summer event campaign consisting of four stages each containing at least one task). Stages typically span one or more days. You can also mark significant points in the project timeline with milestones, which are represented on the timeline with a diamond shape.

Multi-stage project workflow example.

A project manager can easily monitor and track work progress through each stage with a visual timeline.


A job provides a useful space for users to collaborate, and includes quick actions for easy access to common tasks. Each job can be associated with one or more state flows, each representing a recurring process consisting of states, transitions, and actions (for example, a job with four potential states).

Multi-stage project workflow example.

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