Create a multi-stage project

A multi-stage project is used for complex workflows with multiple stages that require timeline management.


To make project creation easier, you can use a project template. To do so, in the New project dialog, select From template.

To create a multi-stage project:

  1. On the menu bar, click Project > Projects.

  2. On the Projects page, click New project.

  3. In the New Project dialog box, select the Multi-stage project option.

  4. In the New project dialog, enter the following details:

    • Name - the name of the project. This field is required.

    • Start Date - the date the project is to start. Click the date picker date picker or enter a date.

    • Duration - the duration of the project in days.

  5. Click Create. The project is added to the list of available projects. Click the project heading to open the project details page, where you can view a graph of overall project performance, edit timelines, and plan resources.

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