Share collections

To share related assets, you can organize your assets into collections and share them with external users using the Share via email operation.

To share a collection:

  1. On the menu bar, click Collections.

  2. On the Collections page, click a collection.

  3. On the collection details page, click Share link share link icon.

  4. In the Share link dialog, if the Create external link switch is turned off, turn it on.

  5. Click Email email icon.

  6. In the Share via email dialog box, fill out the following fields:





    A list of no more than 50 email addresses or internal users, separated by commas. If you start to enter the name of an internal user, Sitecore Content Hub suggests names similar to your text.



    A short message, no more than 250 characters long, to be used as the email message body.


  7. Click Send.

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