If you have a details page with one or more child pages, you can create rules that redirect users to one of those child pages under specific conditions. This means you can dynamically control the type of details page someone is shown, instead of trying to make a single details page to accommodate multiple similar use cases.

To implement this behaviour for a child page, use its Conditions tab to write the necessary rules. When someone lands on the parent page, the rules are evaluated for each of its children, in order. If the conditions are satisfied for one of those pages, the user is shown that page instead of the parent. If the conditions are not satisfied for any of the child pages, the user is shown the parent page as normal.

In the following example, the Asset details (Video) page is a child of the Asset details page.

This condition states that if a user tries to access the details page of an asset that has one of several common video formats, the Asset details (Video) page is shown instead of the parent page Asset details. Because the child page includes video-specific page components such as Video analysis and Video subtitles, it is better-suited for viewing this type of asset. Other asset types, including images, do not satisfy the condition in this example, so they are shown on the Asset details page instead.

Define the conditions for a child detail page

To define the conditions for a child detail page:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage Manage icon.

  2. On the Manage page, click Pages.

  3. In the left pane, select a details page.

  4. On the Conditions tab, click plus icon Condition and select the entity definition to evaluate, such as Asset media (AssetMediaToAsset) or Product status (PCMProductStatusToProduct).

  5. From the second list, select a clause.

  6. From the third list, select an operator:

    • all - equates to the logical AND operator.

    • any - equates to the logical OR operator.

  7. Click Add plus icon, select the entities to include in the condition, and click Save. Available entities are based on the selected entity definition.

  8. To include entity types in the condition, next to the entity, click the right arrow (→), select the entity types, and click Select.


Each page can have only one parent, but can have many children. The conditions are configured only on child pages. You do not need to configure parent pages.

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