Create public links

Sitecore Content Hub lets you create public links for assets that you can share externally. You can create a public link for a single asset from its details page or links for multiple assets at the same time, using a bulk operation.

If you try to create public links for an asset that has no renditions, Content Hub generates these links for anticipated renditions and leaves them in a Pending state until renditions become available. For example, if you configure public links for image assets that have no renditions, Content Hub will generate a link for the preview rendition, but not for an MP4 rendition.


Content Hub supports JPEG, PNG, and WEBP images with a size of 50 MB or smaller, and videos with a maximum file size of 5 GB.

After you've created public links, you can use them to layer images and perform image transformations.


We do not recommend you use public links for video hosting or traffic management. For this, it is best to integrate with a video hosting solution.

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