Configure a watermark

In Sitecore Content Hub, a default watermark is added for users who only have access to watermarked content. The format of this watermark is: username MM/DD/YY hh/mm +UTC AM/PM.

You can edit the default watermark, or you can create and edit additional watermarks as needed. A watermark can include static text, dynamic text from variables, and an optional background image if required.


To preview an asset from its details page, you need to configure both a document watermark and an image watermark. This is because the preview functionality uses an image, but the Deep Zoom feature, which lets you zoom on an inline preview, uses a PDF.


For an example of how to configure watermark settings, see Set up watermark permissions.

To configure a watermark:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage cog icon.

  2. On the Manage page, click Watermarks.

  3. On the Watermarks page, click + Watermark.

  4. In the Watermark dialog, click the type of watermark you want to create:

    • Document watermark - to add a watermark to a PDF document.

    • Image watermark - to add a watermark to an image asset.

  5. In the Document watermark or Image watermark dialog, fill out the following fields.





    Name of the watermark.


    Watermark format

    A string consisting of static text and dynamic variables, which defines the wording of the watermark. This string has a maximum length of 60 characters, and all variable names are case-sensitive. A valid example is {User} viewed {Title} on {Date}, where:

    • {User} returns the current user.

    • {Title} returns the asset title.

    • {Date} returns the date and time when the content was requested, depending on the chosen Date format.

    Valid watermark format values are:

    • String values - {1} returns an error.

    • Single values - {user Title} returns an error.

    • Non-multilingual values. Only primary culture properties are supported.


    Rendition links

    List of renditions on which to apply the watermark.


    Text color (HEX)

    Hex color code for the watermark text. Either the full (#FFFFFF) or the short (#fff) code is valid.


    Text size (px)

    Size of the watermark text.


    Date format

    A valid datetime format to apply to date and time variables in the watermark.


    Angle (deg)

    Counter-clockwise rotation of the watermark text, in degrees.


    Opacity (%) (Style)

    Opacity percentage of the watermark text.


    Offset (X%,Y%)

    Relative offset of the X and Y axis of the watermark.


    Image URL

    URL of the watermark background image, if required.


    Margin (%)

    Margin before the background image.


    Opacity (Background image)

    Opacity percentage of the watermark background image.



    Position of the background image


  6. Click Save.

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