A facet is used to categorize content based on a taxonomy value. This makes the content easier to find. To display additional information based on the selected facet above the search bar, use super facets.

Facets can be displayed in different ways.

  • Vertical facets are displayed in the left pane.

  • Horizontal facets are displayed above the asset grid or table.

Before you begin

Add facets

To add a facet:

  1. On the Layout tab, click the page component to open its details page.

  2. On the Functionality tab, turn on the Facets switch.

  3. Click the Facets tab and then click the Standard tab.

  4. Click Add facet plus icon.

  5. Define the following settings:



    Facet type

    The facet type.

    Taxonomy item

    The source taxonomy of the facet values.

    Label type

    The facet label type.


    A new or existing label using translations.


    The source definition of the facet values.


    The property of the selected definition used as a source/label for the facet values.


    The sort order.


    The sort order direction.


    The position of the facet.


    Limits the number of facet values displayed.


    Allows you to select multiple facet values in a single search.

    Collapsed by default

    Allows you to specify that vertical facets be closed by default.

  6. Click Save.


Do not configure custom facets as they are used for system features.


To clear your facet selection, for horizontal facets, clear the selected checkboxes or click Clear. For vertical facets, click X next to the selected facet or click Clear all.

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