Super facets

A super facet groups facets together into a broad category so users can easily filter information. In the following example, the Brand super facet organizes the Fruitful, Healthful, and Powerful facets into a menu where users can specify the category or type of content they want to display.

Example of a super facet

With super facets, the most recent facet selected is displayed above the search box. Because the Brand definition has been added as a super facet and is associated with the Asset definition, the last selected facet (Powerful) displays information including a description and a master asset above the search box.


Only one super facet can be linked to a group of assets at a time.

Before you begin

Configure super facets

To add super facets:

  1. On the Layout tab, click the Search component to open its details page.

  2. On the Functionality tab, turn on the Super facets switch.

  3. On the Super facets tab, click Add facet plus icon, define the following fields, and click Save. You can repeat this step to add multiple super facets if required.




    The source definition (for example, Product family (M.PCM.ProductFamily)).


    The title for the super facet (for example, Label (ProductFamilyLabel)).


    The description displayed for the super facet (for example, Long description (ProductFamilyLongDescription)).

  4. Click Save and close.

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