Grouping tab

The Grouping tab lets you organize search results into facet groups. You can group results by rows, columns, or a combination of both.

When using the grouping feature:

  • You can set the number of facet values per group using the RestrictionsConfiguration setting. The maximum number of facet values per group is 500.

  • You can drill down to show more groups; however, when you use the Show more button the overall grouping of the search results is cancelled.

  • Empty groups with no items are always hidden.


The number of facet groups displayed on a page is limited to the lowest page limit defined on the Paging tab of the Search component. By default, the lowest page limit is 20. This applies to both column and row filtering. By default, the first 20 rows and 20 columns are displayed. This limitation is not affected by the grouping_facet_limit setting in the RestrictionsConfiguration setting.

Before you begin

Configure grouping

To add facet groups:

  1. On the Layout tab, click the page component to open its details page.

  2. On the Functionality tab, turn on the Grouping switch.

  3. On the Grouping tab, define the following settings:



    Items per group

    The maximum number of items per group.

    Hide grouping picker

    Show or hide the grouping from the search page.

  4. To change the layout of search results for a particular facet, select it from the Facet list and then click Plus icon to add a row or column.

  5. Click Save.


To remove a row or column, click Remove delete next to it.

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