Sorting tab

The Sorting tab lets you configure options to let users sort search results based on a specific field..


By default, if you do not enable sorting or do not select a property, search results are ordered based on relevance. Search results where the Boolean property is null are displayed last in the search results list.

Before you begin

Configure sorting

  1. On the Layout tab, click the page component to open its details page.

  2. On the Functionality tab, turn on the Sorting switch.

  3. On the Sorting tab, click Add sorting and, from the list, select the field you want to sort on. You can repeat this step to add multiple fields as required.

  4. To change the sort direction of a field, click Sorting reverse order icon next to that field.

  5. To change the order in which sort options are listed for selection, click drag icon and reorder the fields as required.

  6. Click Save.

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